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Teacher's Name Assignment Title
Mr. Aguirre Proyecto de un viaje: Spanish Podcast Get It!
Ms. Angrove Famous Engineer Biography Bag Get It!
Ms. English II Current Issues Research Project Get It!
Ms. English III Argumentative Research Paper Get It!
Mrs. Gensheimer and Mr. Jarvis 1920's Timeline Project Get It!
Mrs. Kilpatrick Nutrition Research Project Get It!
Ms. Leighty What Has Math Ever Done for Me? Get It!
Ms. Masten Planning for a career in education Get It!
Ms. Miller Author Research Project Get It!
Mr. Pollock Central America Project Get It!
Mr. Thompson History of Communications Get It!
Mr. World Geography Human Rights in Asia Get It!
Mr. World Geography Country in a Bag Get It!
All the tools you need to complete high quality research projects are now available in one place -- Research Central. You can access Research Central from any computer at school or at home.

Below is a brief explanation of each tab.

  • provides a link to the specific class assignment submitted by your teacher.
  • helps narrow your topic and devise a search strategy.
  • provides access to your campus' Electronic Resources. For direct home access, a Library Resources link inside the Parent and Student Portals is available. You can also stop by your library to pick up the passwords if you have not created a Student Portal account.
  •  provides tools to help in taking notes from your sources.
  • links to NEISD's guide to documenting your research.
  • offers a web page evaluation tool and an assignment rubric if available.

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