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Written by: Michelle Dubois,
Lesson title: TOPS OR BOTTOMS
Time: 45 min. / Days: 0
Content Area: Science
Grade: First

  • 1.6(B) observe and describe the parts of plants and animals;
Language Arts
  • 1.1(D) listen critically to interpret and evaluate (K-3);
Marzano Strategies
BigSix Elements
Materials: 2.screen 3.projector 4.Vegetable Power Point Presentation 5.Tops and Bottoms Activity Sheet 6.Tops and Bottoms book by Janet Stevens

1.Power Point about vegetables 2.Tops and Bottoms worksheet 3.Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens

1. Read the story, Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens to the class. 2. Discuss the different plant parts and their positions (tops, bottoms, or middle) as you are reading. Such as, Roots, leaves, stems and seeds. 3. After reading the story, show the vegetable power point presentation. 4. Identify the different parts of the plant which are roots, leaves, stems and seeds and their positions 5. As a whole group fill in the activity sheet. Discuss each individual plant. I type in the answer on the computer which is hooked up to the projector, as the students tell me. That enables them to spell the answers correctly, etc.

*Please note the original activity sheet came from Collaborative Bridges It's Alive by Pat Miller.

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