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Roan Forest Elementary School

22710 Roan Park
San Antonio, TX 78259
Phone: (210) 407-6800

Principal: Martha R. Staufert 

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Roan Forest offers an exciting core knowledge curriculum in the areas of history, geography, language arts, literature and fine arts. This enriched program is described nationally as a “gifted education for all.” Roan Forest also offers a weekly rotation in physical education, music and Spanish. The school has two computer labs, a primary lab and a secondary lab. The school is also equipped with a child-centered science lab. Students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.

School Facts
Rating: Exemplary
Enrollment: 638
Year Opened: 2002
School Colors: Khaki/Blue
Mascot: Trailblazers
Asian: 13.5 %
African American: 2.8 %
Hispanic: 46.1 %
Native American: 0.2 %
White: 33.4 %
Pacific Islander: 0.5 %
Two or More: 3.6 %
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Campus Proficiency Completion Award

Congratulations Roan Forest Elementary School

This campus is being recognized as a North East Technology Star! 80% or more staff met the goal of passing three levels of Technology Proficiency Assessments. Staff members are receiving Certificates of Achievement to acknowledge their success.